Friday 16 September 2016

Lipstick Shades I'll be Wearing this Autumn

Every time I write a post like this, I seem to feel the need to add words like "some" or "a few of". It's as though my inner compulsive shopper is anxious at the thought that I might actually have enough of something, and wants to make it clear to everyone reading that I am still allowed to buy more if I want to. We could psychoanalyse what this says about me, but let's not. Let's just look at pretty lipsticks instead, OK?

There's nothing ground-breaking here, just a selection of lip products I already have in my stash that I know I'm going to be reaching for as the weather starts to turn colder. I've divided them into four categories, so let's get started!

1. The Nineties Nude
Autumn 2016 lipsticks 1 Mac Velvet Teddy, Too Faced Naughty Nude

I still can't get enough of these brown toned nudes. During the summer months, I gravitated more towards pinks, but now it's autumn I'm back to these. They're easy to wear and very flattering, and despite how popular they've become, I still think they make a refreshing change from pinks and peaches. 

Is there anything I can say about Velvet Teddy that you haven't heard already? Probably not. I only managed to get my hands on this recently (possibly because everyone else is over it?!) and in my opinion it's totally worth the hype. It's what I would call a "soft matte" in that it's still comfortable to apply and wear and does have a very slight sheen to it. As for the shade, it's what a thousand others have tried to emulate - the perfect nude. I can see this bullet getting worn down in record time!

Autumn 2016 lipsticks 2 Mac Velvet Teddy, Too Faced Naughty Nude

Left, Velvet Teddy, Right, Naughty Nude

Naughty Nude is one of Too Faced's Color Drenched Lip Creams, a dreamy, sheeny, buttery soft formula I'm obsessed with - so moisturising you feel like you're applying lip balm. It's slightly lighter and more sheer than Velvet Teddy, which makes it the perfect choice on days when you don't feel like wearing a lot of makeup.

2. The Warm Spice

Slightly deeper and warmer than the nineties nude, this is perfect when you want something that packs a little more punch, but still feels effortless.

Autumn 2016 lipsticks 3 Mac Mocha, Mac Spice, Estee Lauder Seductive Honey

Autumn 2016 lipsticks 4 Mac Mocha

I've had Mac Mocha for a while and it's still one of my favourite lipsticks. Shade-wise it's quite similar to Velvet Teddy, although a touch darker and redder. It's also a satin finish as opposed to a matte.

Autumn 2016 lipsticks 5 Mac Mocha, Mac Spice, Estee Lauder Seductive Honey

Mac Spice lip pencil is a little bit deeper still, and works beautifully on its own or in combination with Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Gloss in Seductive Honey - a match made in heaven that I already talked about way back in my April Favourites. I've worn the gloss a lot throughout the summer, because it's quite light and will go over anything, but I'm looking forward to pairing it with Mac Spice again now autumn is here.

Autumn 2016 lipsticks 6 Mac Mocha, Mac Spice, Estee Lauder Seductive Honey

From left, Mac Mocha, Mac Spice, Estee Lauder Seductive Honey, Spice and Seductive Honey together

3. The Vampy Red

Autumn 2016 lipsticks 7 L'Oreal Blake's Red, Mac Ruby Woo, Rimmel Kate 01
Clockwise from bottom left - L'Oreal Blake's Red, Mac Ruby Woo, Rimmel Kate 01

I will always love a classic red lip. It's the perfect finishing touch to a glamorous night out look, but can also work magic when paired with a super simple jeans and white shirt combo. It's great at any time of year, but I tend to favour these full on vampier shades in the cooler months, opting for something more like an orange or bright pink in the summer.

L'Oreal Color Riche Blake's Red from the Pure Reds collection is an old favourite of mine. It looks a little orange-toned in the photo above, but it's not at all - in fact, it's more of a pinky red as you can see in the swatch below. It's velvety, pigmented, distinctive and beautiful. Wearing this is the next best thing to actually being Blake Lively.

Ruby Woo by Mac is another lipstick that's been part of my collection for some time. A real true red, it's described by Mac as "very matte" and it really is. It's like trying to apply chalk to your lips. However, if they're in good condition and you're prepared to work a little bit at applying your lipstick, the result is really stunning.

Autumn 2016 lipsticks 8 L'Oreal Blake's Red, Mac Ruby Woo, Rimmel Kate 01

Rimmel 01 from the Kate Moss collection is the latest addition to my stash of red lipsticks. Since they were kind enough to put my name on the lid, it would have been rude not to buy it, no?! This one is slightly darker than the other two and a lot glossier. I haven't worn it out yet, but I've played around with it and it's a real cracker. I can't wait for an occasion to wear this!

Autumn 2016 lipsticks 9 L'Oreal Blake's Red, Mac Ruby Woo, Rimmel Kate 01

From left, L'Oreal Blake's Red, Rimmel Kate 01, Mac Ruby Woo

4. The Deep Berry

Call me a basic bitch, but it wouldn't be autumn without berry coloured lips to sip your pumpkin spiced latte with, now would it? Actually, I've never had a pumpkin spiced latte - they don't appeal to me! Berry lips, on the other hand, definitely do. This duo from Rimmel is the sum total of what I own in this category, so I quite clearly need to buy some more at the earliest opportunity.

Autumn 2016 lipsticks 10 Rimmel The Only 1 Under My Spell

 Rimmel Under My Spell lipstick and lipliner 

This fabulous lipstick is from Rimmel's The Only 1 range. It's a stunning, blackcurrant shade that makes a real statement - best to keep the rest of your face very simple when wearing this. The liner - which I bought purely to help me apply the lipstick more precisely - is from the Exaggerate range but is also called Under My Spell. However, it's been about a year since I bought this and I can't seem to find it online anywhere. Obsession looks very similar but I haven't seen it in the flesh, so can't say for certain if it's the same shade.

Autumn 2016 lipsticks 11 Rimmel The Only 1 Under My Spell

Left, Lipstick, Right, Lipliner

Do you own any of these lip products? What lipstick shades will you be rocking this autumn? And am I the only one who isn't tempted by pumpkin spiced lattes? I'd love to know!

Kate x


  1. Ooh some lovely picks here! Velvet Teddy is new to me too and I'm loving it but I'm all about the berry tones in Autumn! I love your red selection xx


    1. Thank you! I definitely need to get me some more berry lip shades! x

  2. Love all your picks! These all the kinds of shades I will be reaching for in the next few months too, plus some mauve shades as I love them too for this time of year :) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. Ooh, I haven't really got any mauves. *Eagerly plans shopping trip* x

  3. Ah Kate! This post is so dreamy! I'm 100% ready to start focusing on Autumn and all the season brings, and so these warm, Autumnal lip shades are massively appealing. Those within the Nineties Nude and Warm Spice sections are my favourites :)

    1. Glad you liked it Gabrielle, I'm ready for Autumn too! x

  4. Lovely photos, velvet teddy is one of my fave too! I've recently included it in a post. Love you blog xx

  5. Beautiful colors! Perfect for Autumn. I felt in love with the last 2, they are my favorites! :)

  6. These are all such beautiful shades especially the reds and nudes

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  7. Velvet Teddy is perfect for Autumn I can't wait to use mine more!

    Lauren Ashleigh xx

    1. I agree, it works all year but it's especially nice for Autumn. x

  8. Love lipstick so much more over lipgloss!! And that L'Oreal Blake's Red is absolutely gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing! Xx Susanne -

    1. You're very welcome! Blake's red is fabulous - there's just something so glamorous about it! x

  9. These shades are so pretty. I love the change in seasons, especially autumn and tend to wear deeper colours in berry and nude for lipsticks. The Mac and Estee Luader hues are my favourite here, and all of the #4's look fantastic. <3 /Madison

  10. I only recently purchased the cult favourite Rimmel 107 and have yet to get my hands on Velvet Teddy. As always I am only a few years behind everyone else. LOL! I have put away all my nude lipsticks and have been wearing red and plum shades only. It's funny how my taste in makeup and colour changes with the season.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  11. nice red shades
    latest post

  12. Ooh, I love all of these! I think I'm personally up for a vampy red, but the other shades are just as gorgeous. You shouldn't have to justify wanting to buy more shades, treat yourself!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  13. All of these lipsticks are so swoon worthy! I really love reaching for darker nudes and berry tones during Autumn. That Rimmel lipstick really needs to make it's way into my collection because it's just so beautiful. Lovely picks, Kate! x

    P.S. Can't say I haven't lusted over PSL.. I've had several already this year, haha!

    Hilary | The Beauty Collective

  14. I only own MAC Spice, a color that I love and will wear this season, but I am like you when it comes to PSL - just not appealing.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  15. I need to dig out my Velvet Teddy! Haven't worn it in so long but it's definitely one of my favorite lippies from MAC! :)

    Thirteen Thoughts

  16. Ooh you have a gorgeous lipstick collection! I definitely need more nudes in my stash... Velvet Teddy, here I come ;D!

    Style Sunrise☀


  17. These lipstick all look so pretty! My favourite is velvet teddy!

    Darriyan xo

  18. I absolutely adore Velvet Teddy but I don't own it and it pains me! I have MAC Diva in my collection somewhere which I want to try and find for this Autumn! xx

  19. I really do love the Too Faced La Creme Lipsticks. They're such amazing quality for the price xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

  20. The Too Faced lipstick looks really pretty!

  21. I love the rimmel lip! mauve colors are it in the fall!


  22. These shades are all so pretty! I really like darker shades during the fall. :)


  23. These are absolutely gorgeous shades, love the Kate Moss rimmel one xx

  24. Ooooh all these products are lovely -so pretty and absolutely gorgeous!! :)

    Layla xx

  25. You've got some gorgeous shades of lipstick options here and I am definitely leaning more towards the vampy reds and deep berry shades x

    Beauty with charm

  26. Loving all these swatches you've done for fall! There are so many good ones! My favorite is actually the Naughty Nude, but it looks more orange to me in the photos, so not sure if it's really like that. But it looks great!


  27. I love the red shades you chose, so lovely ;)
    Nati xx

  28. I will be wearing lots of reds and plum shades and I love the Rimmel Kate Moss 01 and Rimmel Under my Spell is gorgeous!! Added on my wishlist!


  29. I love Velvet Teddy. I've worn it a few times during the summer but now that it's autumn I'm going to wear it a lot more. I'll also be alternating between MAC's Brave and Faux. Bite Beauty's Amuse Bouche lipstick in Nori is my vampy shade of choice this year.

    JoJo | mademoisellejosee

  30. I can't get enough of the 90s nude and vampy reds at this time of year. - Amy x

  31. So many lovely shades on here!! You really can't go wrong with a classic red or berry lip this time of the year xx

    Lauren |


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