Wednesday 23 January 2019

What's New In My Wardrobe January 2019

What's New In My Wardrobe January 2019

Having collected a few new clothes in the run up to/aftermath of the festive period, I thought I'd make a video to share them with you. Most are still in store, although a couple of the jumpers are only available in alternative colourways. If you like the ankle boots, you're in luck, as they are currently on sale for £40 - an excellent price for leather footwear if you ask me!

You can watch the video right here, or head over to watch it on my channel, which I would recommend doing if you're interested in checking out any of the links to the items of clothing featured.

What are some of the latest additions to your wardrobe?

Kate x


  1. I haven't bought any clothes this month so will watch for some inspiration! xx

    Beautylymin | Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette Giveaway

  2. I love Topshop Jamie!! I just bought a dress on sale from S├ęssun!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  3. I haven´t bought any clothes this month, but I picked up some suede starrry ankle boots by Zara over the festive period.

    Anne|Linda, Libra, Loca

  4. You picked up so many great things...

    Candice |

  5. I love snake print and the leopard print skirts <3

    Serene Xo

  6. I love those booties! Great video!

  7. Can't go wrong with the classic fab prints, like leopard and snakeskin. Lovely video dear!

    Jessica |

  8. This needs to be the year I slow down my makeup purchases and start buying actual clothing rather then living in active wear.

  9. Agggh I love fashion and your choices are fab!

    great post :)


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