Monday 9 July 2018

New Hydrogel Sheet Masks From Skin Republic

New Hydrogel Sheet Masks From Skin Republic

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me gleefully unboxing the subject of today's blog post a couple of weeks back. Blogger mail is always wonderful to receive, particularly when it's surprise blogger mail, and even more so when that surprise just happens to be something you really need. This was the case when Skin Republic sent me the four new sheet masks from their hydrogel range. I was just recovering from a tummy bug (or possibly food poisoning - whichever it was, my love affair with sushi has officially ended) and my skin was looking dehydrated and in serious need of some TLC. So it's fair to say I was delighted when I opened up the package and found this lovely treat inside.

Sheet masks for brightening and nourishing

Skin Republic make all kinds of sheet masks for every skin concern you can think of. They make cleansing and purifying masks, hydrating masks, lifting and toning masks, brightening masks, nourishing masks and more. They even make masks for your d├ęcolletage, hands and feet. I've tried quite a few in the past and been impressed with the vast majority of them, but this was my first time trying the hydrogel range.

Hydrogel Sheet Masks

Unlike the more traditional, paper-like sheet masks, the hydrogel masks feel more... well, gel-like, and according to Skin Republic are designed to "act like a second skin, locking in the nutrient rich serum to leave your skin hydrated and glowing." In terms of application and usage, all four of them are exactly the same. After cleansing, you remove the mask from the sachet and peel off the paper backing, apply to your face and leave for 30 to 40 minutes. Luckily, the masks stick quite well, so you can walk around and do other things during this time. When you're finished, you simply peel off the mask and pat any excess serum gently into your skin.

I found all of the masks to have a fairly light but pleasant scent, and to be slightly cold on first application, but not at all unpleasant to wear. I have the world's tiniest head, so I can often find sheet masks to be a poor fit on me, but these are split into two pieces so I was able to overlap them in the centre and create a much better fit, which was great. While all the masks are designed to give you hydration and glow, each one has its own particular ingredients and intended benefits, so below I have provided a brief summary of each one, together with my own findings after trying them.

Seaweed Hydrogel Mask*

Skin Republic Seaweed Hydrogel Mask

Claims: - Targets the visible signs of ageing for a more youthful and luminous complexion. Seaweed is packed with anti-ageing actives which visibly enhance skin's elasticity and suppleness. Chamomile Flower and Peony soothe skin, helping to reduce redness leaving skin glowing.

I found: - My skin looked so healthy after using this mask. It was definitely radiant and glowing. This would be a lovely one to use before an event.

Green Tea Hydrogel Mask*

Skin Republic Green Tea Hydrogel Mask

Claims: - Protects skin and prevents damage caused by environmental pollutants. Green Tea is packed with powerful antioxidants helping to fight against premature skin ageing caused by free radicals. Chamomile Flower soothes skin and helps reduce redness. Skin is left nourished and protected.

I found: - I could see that my fine lines were smoothed, and my complexion felt noticeably softer too.

Collagen Hydrogel Mask*

Skin Republic Collagen Hydrogel Mask

Claims: - Instantly reveals a radiant, glowing complexion. Nutrient packed Sea Minerals nourish and hydrate. Collagen and Argan Oil help reduce the visible signs of ageing. Skin appears smooth, plump and more youthful.

I found: - Again, my fine lines looked smoothed out, probably a little more so than with the Green Tea mask. My skin also felt firmer.

Retinol Hydrogel Mask*

Skin Republic Retinol Hydrogel Sheet Mask

Claims: - With Retinol to support natural collagen, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and increase skin's elasticity. Radiance boosting Peony, Jojoba and Hyaluronic Acid replenish lost moisture and reduce the appearance of sensitivity for firmer, younger looking skin.

I found: - I definitely felt as though my complexion looked rejuvenated after using this mask. My skin looked more even in tone and nicely plumped.

Skin Republic Hydrogel Sheet Masks are £6.99 each and are available from both Superdrug and Look Fantastic. If like me you are always on the lookout for little skin boosting treats to keep in reserve for times of need, I can definitely recommend these.

What masks have you been enjoying lately?

Kate x

*Gifted item. All opinions, as always, are my own.


  1. these sound lovely!

  2. These sounds absolutely lovely! I know I can buy this brand in a local drugstore where I live, I'm going to give it a try.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  3. I love to use sheet masks and always looking for something new. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love sheet masks but barely ever use them. These particular ones look great, I might have to give them a go xx

  5. Ouuu these sound so luxurious!



  6. I need these! Especially that retinol one!


  7. I'm not one to be crazy about sheet masks but these gel sheet masks are actually appealing to me and sound very lovely.

  8. It's nice that it makes your skin healthier after using this mask
    I should try it soon

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

  9. Beautiful post <3

    Could you follow me on GFC?

  10. I received the Charcoal Bubble mask in a Look Fantastic box and I tried it the other day, I really really loved it, left my skin soft, clean and bright! Will buy more to try! x


  11. I really need to try out some facial masks. These sound interesting.

    Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty


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