Wednesday 20 February 2019

Harness The Power Of Superfoods: Pomegranate Skincare From Dr Botanicals + Discount Code (AD)

Harness The Power Of Superfoods: Pomegranate Skincare From Dr Botanicals + Discount Code (AD)

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As an impatient person by nature, I have always loved the idea of superfoods. Eat one thing and get a bucketload of health benefits all at once? Yes please! Even better if it's something I actually enjoy, like salmon, broccoli... or pomegranate. Admittedly, I don't eat this delicious fruit that often, but it is something I love the flavour of. I also love the scent of it, and so the idea of using skincare formulated from this anti-oxidant rich ingredient definitely appealed.

Dr Botanicals were kind enough to send me two products from their pomegranate range - the Brightening Eye Serum and the Regenerating Sleeping Mask. I've been trialling both over the last few weeks.

Brightening Eye Serum (AD)

Dr Botanicals Pomegranate Superfood Brightening Eye Serum

I have been using this twice daily since receiving it and I honestly can't remember the last time I was this excited about a product! Packaged in a glass jar with a handy pipette applicator, this product feels light but very nourishing on the skin and is a real pleasure to use. It doesn't overwhelm with fragrance, but there is a faint scent of pomegranate which I find very appealing. A little of the product goes a long way, and I simply dab it lightly along my orbital bone as I would do with an eye cream. At first, I was worried that a serum wouldn't feel "enough" when compared with a cream, but this is in fact the most effective daily eye product I have ever used. Fine lines look seriously smoothed out, my skin feels hydrated and the area beneath my eyes looks brighter and more even.

Incidentally, I had a facial just over a week ago and was told that my skin is more sensitive than I realise, and that it responds better to serums and gel type products than it does to creams. (I talked more about my experience in this video). This coupled with my very positive experience with the Brightening Eye Serum means I have found a new go-to - I don't see myself going back to regular eye creams any time soon.

Regenerating Sleeping Mask (AD)

Dr Botanicals Pomegranate Superfood Regenerating Sleeping Mask

With the same delicate pomegranate fragrance as the eye serum, this is another product that feels like a real treat to use. It is creamy in consistency, so following the advice of my facialist I have reduced my use of this to once a week. I don't want to stop using it altogether as I haven't noticed any adverse reaction and have had some lovely results from it - namely smoothed lines and plumped and radiant skin. A fine layer of this before bed is all you need to wake up looking like you've had a week's worth of sleep. It's a lovely product and will stay in my routine until I have finished it as I am sure as a once a week treat it won't do me any harm! And for those of you who have no problem with creamy products, I would definitely recommend checking it out if you are in the market for a new sleeping mask.

If you're interested in checking out these products or indeed any others from this lovely brand (I'm also a fan of the Moroccan Rose Facial Oil, reviewed here),  you should definitely have a browse of the Dr Botanicals website. And if you fancy trying anything, enter the discount code KATELOUISE at checkout for 20% off.

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Have you tried these products? And what's your favourite superfood?

Kate x


  1. Both products sound amazing, especially the eye serum! I think I got something from this Pomegranate line in a recent beauty box so I need to look through my drawers to find it! xx

    Beautylymin | Pat McGrath Mini Lip Gloss Trio Giveaway

    1. It's definitely worth digging out and giving it a try! Really loving both products, the eye serum in particular. x

  2. I admit that I am not a fan of the term superfood, as most people usually refer to a hyped up foreign food that doesn't deliver more nutrients then the ones we have at home, but the ones you mentioned are exceptions: I love broccoli, I love salmon, and I do love pomegranate.

    Anne - Linda, Libra, Loca

    1. I do tend to think of superfoods in the old fashioned way, which is this kind of thing, rather than strange seeds and pulses you can only buy in health food stores! x

  3. I am not the biggest fan of "superfoods" its just another buzzword that gets people to buy products. I think people think that just because they are good for you in terms of eating them it doesn't mean they are good to put on your skin.

    Andrew James -

    1. I'm no expert, and I must admit I can be swayed by clever marketing! All I can say is that I have been really impressed with the results these products have had on my skin. It may or may not be due to the pomegranates or other ingredients! x

  4. Ohhh this looks amazing! Will definitely need to give this a try soon x

    Grace Louise ||


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