Tuesday 13 March 2018

The Best Transitional Jackets To Wear This Spring

The Best Transitional Jackets To Wear This Spring - 1

When the sun starts to shine and the temperatures pick up a little, I don't know about you, but I start getting pretty impatient to change up my look. Daffodils are starting to bloom, and I'm craving lighter colours and delicate fabrics... basically, and I think I may have said this last spring, I'm itching to run barefoot through a meadow in a floral sundress. Problem is, it's still only around 10 degrees Celsius on a good day. So how to inject a little spring into our wardrobes without freezing to death? It's time to embrace the art of transitional dressing, and because this is a subject that's been on my mind recently, here is my round-up of the best transitional jackets to wear this spring.

The Classic (Or Not So Classic) Trench

The Best Transitional Jackets To Wear This Spring - 2

Trench coats will always be fashionable, and the classic beige trench is perfect for these awkward weeks that seem to fall in between seasons. Mid-weight and generally light in colour, the traditional trench always looks fresh after the thick wool and layers we've been used to throughout the winter. Trenches are particularly big news for spring 2018, and I've spotted a few variations on the traditional style dotted across the high street in recent weeks. Rainbow colours, checked prints, unusual fabrics and unexpected lengths, it's always interesting to see a new take on an old classic. 

The Best Transitional Jackets To Wear This Spring - 3

I'm loving this cropped trench from River Island. It's faux suede, although so soft and luxurious to the touch that you could easily mistake it for the real thing, and it combines some of the design details you'd expect from a classic trench with elements you might more easily associate with a biker jacket. The result is chic, interesting and a little bit different. It's available in several colours, but I decided to tick off another of this season's trends by going for this vibrant mustard shade - set to be huge over spring and summer. It gives me the extra layer of warmth I need over a jumper right now, but will also work beautifully over lighter blouses and dresses as the temperatures start to rise.

The Best Transitional Jackets To Wear This Spring - 4

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The Light Wool Coat

Sometimes, especially around the beginning of March, it's grey, wet and windy and feeling almost as cool as it did in winter. On those days, we need a proper coat, but wrapping up in a full-on winter warmer just feels wrong somehow. That's when a little light wool number comes into its own. Often more streamlined that what you'd wear through the coldest months of the year, I've been craving one in a pastel shade, like this pink coat from Zara. Coats like this are also perfect for evenings out at this time of year - they'll keep you nice and warm and they look smart too.

The Best Transitional Jackets To Wear This Spring - 5

The Military Jacket

I've been talking about light colours a lot so far, but I also love a navy or even black military style jacket in spring. There's something about the crisp cut of them, together with the eye-catching brass buttons that makes me excited about wearing one, even though they're a style that's been around forever. I currently have my eye on this Zara jacket. Military jackets also work beautifully after the summer is over and things are starting to cool down a little, so you get double the transitional usage out of these!

The Best Transitional Jackets To Wear This Spring - 6

The Biker Jacket

Oversized, shearling lined, suede, cropped or classic, biker jackets come in all sorts of variations these days, all of them perfect for covering up in during the transitional weather. My classic black one gets worn to death, and I have a cropped, light blue version that I love wearing in the spring with jeans and a simple white shirt. I'm also a big fan of biker jackets over dresses - it's a look that always seems to work, and, for someone like me who feels the cold easily, it's a great way to get more wear out of those pretty pieces that don't always offer a lot of protection from the elements.

The Best Transitional Jackets To Wear This Spring - 7

The Boucle Jacket

I love a boucle jacket! Super elegant and with all the Chanel vibes, they're something that Zara (again!) do really well, but I've spotted some gorgeous ones at River Island this season, including this white double breasted number. Jackets like this instantly dress up a simple jeans and t-shirt combination, but for real wow-factor, look for one that comes with a matching skirt. After all, the suit is another look that's going nowhere this season!

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Do you have many transitional jackets in your wardrobe?

Kate x

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  1. That colour looks lovely on you Kate! I can't wait to start wearing lighter jackets for Spring, my favourite styles are denim, leather and a trench coat :)

    1. Thanks Hanh! Denim jackets are brilliant too, they always look good. x

  2. That colour is gorgeous on you! I really don't know what to wear these days - it looks like Spring but it's freezing! xx


    1. Thank you! I know, and apparently it's going to snow again! I was really hoping the winter was finally over.

  3. wow, i loveee thiis look that colour looks amazing on you and i love that bag too xx


  4. I love this coat on you and initially I thought it was a leather jacket! Love the colour too!

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  5. I love the colour of this jacket so much!!! Looks amazing on you. I usually wear denim jackets since I started wearing florals and it's a lovely combo!


    1. Oh yes, floral dresses and denim jackets are great together! x

  6. I like your jacket - it's like a biker jacket mixed with trench. I'll probably end this season in some blazer jacket or biker jacket since I like this style a lot. Great outfit and have a nice day :)

    1. I need some more blazers in my life - I love them and they are huge this season! x

  7. I love this coat so much!! It looks so cute on you!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  8. I love your jacket, the colour really suits you x
    A Blushing Beauty Blog

  9. This colour suits you so well and the jacket is such a great style. I am looking for a nice lightweight jacket but haven't found the perfect one yet x


    1. Thank you! Good luck on your search! x

  10. Love the yellow, it really suits you so well. Perfect for spring.

    life + style blog

    1. Thank you Shannon! All we need now is some warmer weather! x

      Kate Louise Blogs

  11. Love this outfit. This is definitely something I'd love to put together myself. :)
    I'm not sure yellow or mustard is a good colour for me, though I want it to be! I feel it suits you down to your hair colour. :)
    I do love a good biker jacket, but do want to add a trench/mac to my collection. They're timeless pieces.


  12. I love your jacket so much, it's such a cute colour xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️


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