AW17 Trend Focus - Dazzle - How To Get The Look On The High Street


Recently, I wrote a post about AW17's Red to Toe trend. I loved putting it together, and you guys seemed to enjoy it, so I thought I'd add a second to the series. This time, I just had to go for the "Dazzle" trend. I'm not afraid to admit that I enjoy a bit of bling, so I'm thrilled that all things metallic and sparkly are so hot right now! I've had a good old browse through some of my favourite high street stores, and put together some pieces I love to help you get the look without breaking the bank. Hope you enjoy!


Is it too early to start talking about Christmas Party Season? Because it's hard not to think about it while looking at these beauties! The dazzle trend is all about embracing full on glitz and a return to dressing up, and what better way to do that than by wearing all over sequins on your next night out? I love the idea of the H&M dress with opaque black tights and sky high heels, but I think my favourite of the four is the Miss Selfridge dress. I love the soft fabric and the way it drapes, and I imagine it would look wonderful catching the light as you move. You wouldn't need much to go with it, either, just a simple pair of heels.


There's something wonderfully eighties about this Boohoo body, don't you think?! I think it would look amazing with a black pencil skirt, or perhaps some wide leg trousers. The Miss Selfridge top is really versatile and I love its subtle sheen  - it's definitely a more toned down take on the trend, although you could also dress it up beautifully with an embellished mini skirt. The River Island top is pretty daring, and I for one would want something super high-waisted to pair it with, but I love the feminine shape of it.

Skirts and Trousers

Miss Selfridge really are nailing this trend! This stunning sequinned skirt is available in three different colourways and guaranteed to turn heads wherever you wear it. But if there's one thing I love more than the skirt, it's those gold cigarette pants. So elegant! For something a little more low key, the glittery River Island jeans are perfect, while the pleated skirt from Boohoo would make a great wardrobe staple. Pair it with a turtle neck and boots for the daytime and a silky vest top and strappy sandals at night.


Sparkly accessories are always a good idea in my book! These River Island shoes would look amazing with an all black outfit, while the necklace would look just as good over a high necked blouse as it does with a plunging neckline. I loved the pretty Zara hairband so much that I just had to include it, even though I never seem to be able to make things like this work for me. The earrings, on the other hand, I would definitely wear - I am such a fan of the statement earring trend!

Will you be embracing the bling this season? And which is your favourite piece from my picks?

Kate x

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New Products From 3ina And How To Create Wet Look Eyeshadow

New Products From 3ina And How To Create Wet Look Eyeshadow - 1

As you might have been able to tell from a couple of my previous posts (this one and this one), I've become a big fan of 3ina since they first came to my attention a few months ago. So, needless to say, it was a lovely surprise to receive another package from them last week. This time, they sent me a few of their new eye products, and there was plenty to get me excited, not least a nifty little gloss that helps you create the wet look eyeshadow that's so popular right now with a single swipe. Read on for my thoughts on the products I got!

New Products From 3ina And How To Create Wet Look Eyeshadow - 2

New Products From 3ina And How To Create Wet Look Eyeshadow - 3

This is the most beautiful colour. It looks blue to me, although the brand describes it as sea green. I was expecting the pigmentation to be stronger than it is, but in fact, it gives you more of a subtle hint of colour than a precise, vivid line. (For reference, I applied the above swatch using my Zoeva 317 Wing Liner brush.) Gel liners are always tricky for me to get to grips with, particularly as my eye shape doesn't lend itself to the winged cat eye look, and that combined with the lack of pigmentation means that this doesn't show up too well on my eyes. It's a real shame, as I was so looking forward to playing around with it. However, as I said, I am not the best partner for gel liners and this might work a lot better on someone who generally wears them well. 3ina also has a black, brown and cornflower blue liner in this range.

New Products From 3ina And How To Create Wet Look Eyeshadow - 4

New Products From 3ina And How To Create Wet Look Eyeshadow - 5

This kit reminds me a lot of Benefit Brow Zings, which I used to use religiously. There's a waxy product to define the shape of the brows, a powder to fill them in, a brush for each and a little pair of tweezers. It's packaged really nicely and I love the generously sized mirror - perfect for on the go. I found the wax product a lot softer than other brow products I've used, which made it tricky to work with, but when I switched the brush for my Bobbi Brown Eyebrow brush, it became a bit easier. The powder is very natural looking and filled my brows in well. On the whole, I like this kit, and will definitely use it, but it doesn't threaten Benefit Kabrow's status as my favourite.

New Products From 3ina And How To Create Wet Look Eyeshadow - 6

New Products From 3ina And How To Create Wet Look Eyeshadow - 7

Now this is very cool. If you're anything like me, you've probably noticed a lot of celebrities, models, influencers etc rocking the wet look eyeshadow trend lately. If you've been wondering how to create it for yourself, nothing could be easier. Simply apply your eyeshadow of choice (a single, lightish colour swept all over the lid works best) and then dab some of this stuff over the top using the handy sponge applicator. Alternatively, 3ina also make some tinted versions of this Eye Gloss which you can wear alone, but I like this clear one as it's more versatile - you can wear it over any shadow or even your bare eyelids if you want a very minimal look. There is a slight stickiness to the product, but once it's applied it's not uncomfortable at all. It leaves the shadow beneath it perfectly intact, and gives eyelids a lovely dewy glimmer - no danger of looking oily! See below for how it looks on.

New Products From 3ina And How To Create Wet Look Eyeshadow - 8

New Products From 3ina And How To Create Wet Look Eyeshadow - 9

This is my favourite of the products I was sent. The baked eyeshadow duo looks so beautiful in the pan, even though it sadly got cracked in transit. The quality is beautiful - silky, seamless and perfectly pigmented. As for the brown toned pink shade - I'm in love. It's flattering and warm and just right for the time of year. My only gripe with this product is that there is more of the white shade than the pink, which seems silly as the white is more of a highlight shade - or am I missing something?! In any case, it's really beautiful and I'm going to be wearing this to death throughout the Autumn.

In the photo below, I'm wearing the pink shadow all over my lids with a hint of the white in my inner corners. I've also applied the Eye Gloss over the top, although I have to say that this shadow looks equally good without it.

New Products From 3ina And How To Create Wet Look Eyeshadow - 10

Have you tried any of these products from 3ina? And what are your thoughts on wet look eyeshadow?

Kate x

*Gifted item. All opinions, as always, are my own.

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask Review

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask Review - 1

There are two main things I look for when it comes to skincare. One is hydration - without upsetting the balance of my often temperamental combination skin, I want those fine lines plumped and that youthful look preserved! The other is glow. My skin can look quite dull if I don't work at it, and so any product that promises to brighten my complexion and make me all fresh and radiant looking is guaranteed to grab my attention. Hence, when Wishtrend offered me the opportunity to test and review Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask*, I said yes straight away.

The mask is a new product from Korean brand Klairs. The chief ingredient, Vitamin E, is designed to work in conjunction with Niacinamide to produce an immediate brightening effect. It can be used alone, but its powers are enhanced when paired with other skincare products containing Vitamin C (also known for its brightening properties), as the two anti-oxidants work to strengthen each other. Together, they also help to keep the skin protected against harmful free radicals that can accelerate the ageing process. In addition to this, Vitamin E possesses anti-inflammatory and skin softening properties, while another ingredient, Adenosine, helps to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You can use the product as a moisturiser or as a mask, or even mix a little of it into other skincare products.

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask Review - 2

I usually love the way Korean beauty products are packaged and this one is definitely no exception - the iridescent touches are unusual and very pretty. The product is housed in a glass jar and there is a clear spatula to scoop it up with if you prefer not to use your fingers.

The texture of it is extraordinary and like no other skincare product I have used before. It feels like something in between a gel and a cream - the Wishtrend website says it is "like pudding", which really is the best way to describe it. Apparently, this unusual texture is due to it being formulated as "shape memory cream", which means that after it has been disturbed, it finds its way back to its original form. I noticed that when I went to use the product the second time, it looked perfectly smooth, as though I hadn't scooped up a big chunk of it the night before. Apart from this being fascinating (and fun to play with!) the advantage is that it will adhere really well to your skin upon application.

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask Review - 3

I find the mask to be quite sticky on my skin, and it takes a little while to absorb. Others might not find this, and some might not mind it. For me, it makes it a product I prefer to apply at night rather than in the mornings when I'm rushing to get ready. I do find it hydrating, but it's not my favourite thing to use for this purpose, as I prefer the feel of either a richer moisturising cream or a hydrating sheet mask. However, I love it for brightening. I really did see almost instant effects with it, especially when layering it on after a Vitamin C serum (the one I talked about in this post). If I apply the two products in the evening, I wake up with lovely bright looking skin the next day. For this reason, it's definitely earned a place in my bathroom cabinet for the foreseeable future.

One of my favourite things about this product is its versatility. I've seen a couple of other bloggers review this and it's clear that different people will get different things out of it, depending on their own skin's needs. For some, this will be a lovely daily moisturiser. For me, it works best as a treatment a couple of times a week or whenever I feel I need a brightening boost.

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask Review - 4

If you fancy trying it out for yourself, you can pick it up here. And if you do, make sure you enter the code WISHVITE10 at checkout, as Wishtrend are offering 10% off on this product until 31st October.

Are you a fan of Vitamin E in skincare?

Kate x

*Gifted product. All opinions, as always, are my own.

Ren Perfect Canvas Skin Finishing Serum - The Primer That's Good For Your Skin

Ren Perfect Canvas Skin Finishing Serum - The Primer That's Good For Your Skin - 1

There are some brands with which we're only semi-familiar. They seem to pop up on your radar time and time again, you hear lots of good things about them, but you haven't necessarily tried many of their products yourself. Ren is one such brand for me, so I was very happy to get the opportunity to explore it a little further recently when I was sent their new Perfect Canvas* Skin Finishing Serum to test. Designed to be applied after moisturiser and before makeup, it contains ingredients that protect and hydrate as well as creating a smooth base onto which foundation can be applied more easily. Essentially, it's a primer that's good for your skin.

First up, the packaging. I love the minimal white and black aesthetic and the handy pipette applicator. The 30ml bottle is quite weighty, which I guess you would expect when paying £50 - weighty packaging always gives a feeling of luxury. It isn't necessarily the most practical for traveling, but on the other hand, it's precisely the sort of product I'd forgo as a non-essential when jetting off somewhere for a couple of weeks, so that doesn't really bother me too much.

Ren Perfect Canvas Skin Finishing Serum - The Primer That's Good For Your Skin - 2

According to Ren, the serum is lightweight, silicone free, and packed with probiotics to smooth the skin and enhance its structure by encouraging surface cell renewal. It also contains agave extract, which lends the complexion a matte finish onto which makeup should glide more easily, hyluronans to increase hydration and elasticity and a-Glucans to promote the growth of skin friendly bacteria and optimise skin health. You can add a couple of drops to your moisturiser or apply it separately afterwards.

Ren Perfect Canvas Skin Finishing Serum - The Primer That's Good For Your Skin - 3

I really like the texture of this product. It feels a lot more like a serum than a primer to me and it absorbs very easily into my skin. It's pleasant to apply and my complexion definitely feels smoother afterwards. I haven't noticed any marked improvement in the way my makeup goes on when I'm wearing this as opposed to when I'm not, but I have noticed a big improvement in how long it lasts, especially when I'm wearing lighter foundations. Longevity is always something I want more of from my makeup so this alone is enough for Perfect Canvas to be a hit with me. Add to that the fact that it has obvious skincare benefits, refines my skin and doesn't irritate or clog it up, and we have a new favourite on our hands. It might be a little on the pricey side, but on the other hand, it's a serum and a primer in one, so you're getting plenty of value for money.

What's your favourite primer?

Kate x

*Gifted item. All opinions, as always, are my own.

AW17 Trend Focus - Red To Toe - How To Get The Look On The High Street

AW 17 Trend Focus - Red To Toe - How To Get The Look On The High Street - 1

I'll be really honest - I had some grand plans a few weeks ago that have kind of run out of steam now. Despite my dismay at the end of summer (did we even have a summer?!) I was also pretty excited by all the new season goodies arriving in the shops, and I decided to create a little blog series. My plan was that each post would focus on a different AW17 trend, and for each trend I would pull together some pieces currently available from a few of my favourite high street stores - a "get the look for less" type of deal.

But then, you know, life happened. Work got hectic. There was a family reunion, and a blogging event in London (a lovely breakfast at the Ivy Chelsea Garden with a skincare brand - definitely not complaining about that one!) And before I knew it, it was getting into the end of September and I hadn't even looked at my blog, never mind found time to start a new series. How does this even happen? And can we have an extra day in the week please? Or possibly two?

Anyway, I thought I would put together at least one post on one of this season's most eye catching trends - Red to Toe. And perhaps, if time allows, I might squeeze in another one or two. Preferably before next summer's trends start hitting the shops. (Insert "monkey with head in hands" emoji here.)

When it comes to fashion, red is a colour that seems to divide opinion. Some people love its warmth and vibrancy, others find it too loud and overbearing. I personally have always enjoyed wearing red, but I must admit that dressing head to toe in it feels a bit much, and while it looks great in editorials, I'm not sure it's something I want to replicate in real life! Nevertheless, the AW17 shows were full of these "red to toe" looks, in every shade from pillar box to burgundy, and the high street has certainly picked up on this, offering plenty of their own versions of this trend. Here are a few that have caught my eye.

Full On Red

For the seriously fashion forward. And brave.

AW 17 Trend Focus - Red To Toe - How To Get The Look On The High Street - 2

1. River Island and 2. Zara - Suiting is another huge trend this season, so wearing a full on red suit is definitely one way to score extra fashion points, if you are brave enough! River Island have opted for softer tailoring here, while Zara have gone for a slightly more muted burgundy shade. As much as I think this look is stunning when done well and a real attention grabber, it's just not something I'd ever have cause to wear. If you work in a smart office though, I say why not?! This surely has to be the ultimate in power dressing.

3. H&M - This is a more casual take on the full on red trend, and I love the juxtaposition of textures - the soft mohair of the jumper against the silky skirt. The model is even rocking red lips and nails too because, hello, RED TO TOE. I love everything here, and would wear it all, but would I wear it all together? Hm. I'm undecided.

4. H&M - Now this get up I would absolutely wear. Yes, even the boots, which surprises me because I am really not a fan of the kitten heel. However, paired with this dress, they just seem to work, and there's also something about the amount of leg on show that makes this outfit more wearable than the previous three. It's still all over red, and it still makes an impact, but in a softer way. This is one head to toe red look I could genuinely see myself wearing for events, dinners etc.
Break It Up

These looks still kind of qualify as full on red, but don't punch you in the face with it quite as hard, if you know what I mean.

AW 17 Trend Focus - Red To Toe - How To Get The Look On The High Street - 3

1. River Island - Confession - I think these boots are fabulous. I mean, pillar box red thigh high boots should be so wrong, but I absolutely love the statement these make. I also think they would probably be pretty hard to pull off in real life, but on the other hand, the introduction of the the black jumper dress tones them down and makes the red a lot more wearable. Basically, I am just dreaming about being polished enough to wear these boots without attracting the wrong kind of attention.

2. Zara - Isn't it amazing what a bit of print can do? For me, this is totally wearable, and the matching coat and boots pull the look together and elevate what could otherwise be a fairly ordinary printed dress. 

3. Zara - Print works its magic again. For anyone who finds block colour red unflattering against their skin tone, something like this could be a great way to work the trend, as it's so much softer and more forgiving.

4. River Island - Now here is a way to work the red suit that I could actually see working for me. There's a little bit of skin on show, and that paired with the black top and animal print shoes really helps to break up the vast expanse of red. I like the relaxed cut of the jacket and on trend frill details on the trousers too.

5. River Island - Realistically it's probably already too cold to wear this in the UK. However, I love how effortless it is. White, denim and red is definitely a winning combination.

Wear One Piece

Still too much red? It can also work beautifully as a single, statement piece.

AW 17 Trend Focus - Red To Toe - How To Get The Look On The High Street - 4
1. H&M - I love the fluted sleeves and subtle frills on this pretty blouse. Perfect for pepping up a pair of jeans.

2. River Island -  Automatically, I would think of putting jeans with this t-shirt and blazer combo, but the red trousers instantly add a more on trend twist to the outfit. A nice casual way to work the red look.

3. Topshop and 4. River Island - Here's two ways to rock a red skirt. The Topshop look is more laid-back and features an oh so trendy asymmetrical hem. The River Island version - my favourite - is all slinky and evening appropriate. Lovely for date night!

5. River Island - It seems there is no getting away from kitten heels this season, and I must admit, I love the way this red pair gives the monochrome outfit a bit of wow factor. If I still had an office job, I would definitely be wearing something like this for autumn and winter.


When in doubt, add a red accessory to a neutral outfit as a nod to the trend.

AW 17 Trend Focus - Red To Toe - How To Get The Look On The High Street - 5

1. Topshop and 5. Topshop - Red shoes and boots are everywhere at the moment. If you only want one pop of red in an outfit, footwear is definitely the most on trend way to do it. I personally love the idea of some red ankle boots to put a spin on my usual jeans, jumper and jacket combo.

2. Zara and 4. Topshop - A red handbag always makes a neutral outfit pop. This Zara version is more pink than red so I suppose I'm cheating a little bit with this one, but I love how cute it is, not to mention the Chloe vibes it has going on. The Topshop bag is gorgeous too and probably more useful!

3. Zara - Statement earrings are another big trend right now. I love the ones with all the fringing. These from Zara are absolutely stunning, especially paired with the clashing eye makeup. In theory, I love the idea of these for an evening out worn with a simple black dress. In reality, though, they are probably bigger than my head, but perhaps I will look for a toned down version!

What are your thoughts on AW17's red to toe trend? Will you be rocking a full on red suit this season, adding a splash here and there, or avoiding it altogether? I would love to know!

Kate x

My Pamper Night Essentials

My Pamper Night Essentials - 1

We all love a good pamper night, and with the cooler months on the horizon now, I for one am looking forward to having a few more of them soon! There's nothing nicer than lighting a scented candle or two and running a hot bath after a cold and miserable day, and with that in mind, I thought that now would be the perfect time to share a few of my pamper night essentials with you.

Bath And Body

My Pamper Night Essentials - 2

For me, the highlight of any pamper night is a hot bath. I love to set up my laptop to play YouTube videos while I sink into the water and feel the stresses of the day start to melt away. Bubbles are an absolute must, and for this, my favourite products are without doubt the Lush Bubble Bars, in particular, The Comforter. It creates a huge amount of bubbles, so one bar will last you a minimum of four baths, it smells like fruit sweets, and it turns the bathwater pink. If that's not perfection, I don't know what is.

In addition to the bubbles, I also like to add a few drops of a really luxurious bath oil to help soften my skin. I'm a huge fan of Jo Malone Bath Oils, but at the moment I'm using this beautiful Restorative Bath Oil from Espa. I've had it in my stash for a while - I believe the packaging has changed now - so I thought it was high time I used it up! It contains a soothing blend of sweet orange, rose geranium and lavender to calm the senses, as well as palmarosa and sweet almond oil to tone and moisturise the skin. I also have the matching body oil, which I love to apply after I get out of the bath to make my skin extra supple. The added bonus with this is that you will get into bed smelling wonderful!


My Pamper Night Essentials - 3

My Pamper Night Essentials - 4

Washing my hair can feel like a chore at times, but if I'm having a really full on pamper night, I'll do that first, then slather on a nourishing hair mask and wrap my hair up in a towel while I have my bath. The heat really helps the mask to sink into your hair and I always think you get the maximum benefits from it by doing it that way. At the moment I'm using the Garnier Ultimate Blends Sleek Restorer, which contains coconut oil and cocoa butter. It smells incredible and is very rich and moisturising - perfect for my bleached hair. One word of caution though - if you have fine hair like me, this isn't a mask you're going to want to apply to your roots. My bleached ends love it, but it's too rich for the roots and makes them look greasy, leaving me needing to wash my hair again. If you have thick and/or super dry hair, however, you will probably love this as an all over treat.


My Pamper Night Essentials - 5

My Pamper Night Essentials - 6

My Pamper Night Essentials - 7

Pamper night is the perfect time for a little multi-masking action. I tend to start with a clay or charcoal mask to draw impurities out of my oily t-zone, and the Origins Clear Improvement mask is a tried and trusted favourite for this. Then, I like a hydrating or plumping mask, to help put that youthful look back into my complexion! I love these sheet masks from Indeed Labs, but there's something about the scent of roses that instantly makes me feel like a princess, so it's no surprise that the British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask from The Body Shop is one of my all time favourites. A refreshing, soft gel texture, this is infused with real rose petals and smells absolutely incredible - even now, when as you can see, I've almost finished the jar. It feels soothing to apply, and leaves my skin smooth, soft and looking brighter. This really is one of my most loved products and will definitely be repurchased as soon as it is finished.

Another little touch of luxury for my skin, also rose scented, is the Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist. Hydrating, soothing and refreshing, this is such a pleasure to spritz on at the end of a cleansing routine (before moisturising). I actually don't save this one for pamper night at all - I use it every day!

Eye Masks

My Pamper Night Essentials - 8

My Pamper Night Essentials - 9

I'm obsessed with eye masks at the moment! In fact, I talked about a couple of my favourite kinds in this post, if you fancy checking that out. At the moment, I'm using these Pro-5 Collagen Hydrogel Eye Pads* from skinChemists. Designed to brighten, smooth, hydrate and firm the under eye area, they come in a box of five and are recommended for weekly use. You need to lie down while you wear these, because they'll fall off your face otherwise (or at least that's what I find), but that's not necessarily a bad thing - especially on a relaxing pamper night! SkinChemists recommend that you wear these for ten to fifteen minutes, but I've noticed my under eye area looking brighter and more refreshed after just five.

What are some of your pamper night essentials?

Kate x

*Gifted product. All opinions, as always, are my own.

August Favourites

August Favourites 2017 featuring Rimmel, 3ina, H&M and L'Oreal - 1

How was August for you? Mine has been pretty good, if quite chaotic, with a big family get-together bang in the middle of it. We had a lot of people staying with us, and were hoping for some good weather so that everyone could sit and eat out in the garden. It rained. Typical! Even so, it was lovely to see everyone and the rubbish weather didn't seem to matter in the end.

As always I have a random collection of things I've been loving throughout the month to share with you, so let's get started.

August Favourites 2017 featuring Rimmel, 3ina, H&M and L'Oreal - 2

1. Rimmel Kate Super Gel Nail Polish in Gilty Pleasure - Confession - I bought this over a year ago, put it away, and completely forgot about it until recently. I've seen a few people wearing this kind of shade and I'd actually been contemplating going out and buying something similar, so it's a good thing I had a clear out of my nail polishes and found it again. It's the loveliest pale gold metallic polish - the kind of shade you can wear all year round and with every outfit you own. I usually change up my polish every time I do my nails, but for the last few weeks I keep going back to this as I've been enjoying wearing it so much. I don't find that it lasts much more than a couple of days before chipping, even with a top coat, but that just seems to be the way it is with me and nail polish, so it doesn't bother me too much!

August Favourites 2017 featuring Rimmel, 3ina, H&M and L'Oreal - 3

2. H&M Wraparound blouse - Annoyingly, this exact blouse doesn't seem to be available any more, but this one and this one are both very similar. I have been loving it for quite a bit longer than just the month of August, but for some reason haven't featured it on the blog before now. For me, it's a much more wearable take on those incredibly popular striped, wraparound blouses with the enormous sleeves that almost seem to fall off the shoulder. Those are beautiful, and I can understand why my Instagram feed has been peppered with them throughout the summer, but if you're petite like me you will understand that the struggle is real when it comes to actually wearing something like that on a day to day basis. Constantly having to tug at and readjust your clothing just isn't cute. This one, however, is so easy to wear and looks just as pretty.

August Favourites 2017 featuring Rimmel, 3ina, H&M and L'Oreal - 4

3. H&M Sunglasses - Well, now I'm going to be even more annoying, because not only are these no longer available on the website, I can't find anything remotely similar either. You may, however, still be able to find them in an H&M store. I really love the 70s vibe of these, as well as the dainty gold frames which are ideal for my ridiculously small head. H&M sunglasses are so affordable, and these make a nice change from my usual aviator style. They go with everything, but seem to work best with flowing dresses and big hair.

August Favourites 2017 featuring Rimmel, 3ina, H&M and L'Oreal - 5

August Favourites 2017 featuring Rimmel, 3ina, H&M and L'Oreal - 6

4. 3ina Shiny Lipstick in 200 - There's just something about bright, glossy lips in the summer that I really love, and this pretty lipstick from 3ina ticks all the right boxes. Somewhere in between a hot pink and a light berry in colour, it's one of those products that makes you look like you've made an effort with your makeup even when you're hardly wearing anything else. It's pigmented enough to pack a punch but not so much that it's difficult to apply, and it's become a bit of a go to for me throughout August. All you need is a bit of foundation, some sunglasses and this lipstick, and you'll look polished to perfection!

August Favourites 2017 featuring Rimmel, 3ina, H&M and L'Oreal - 7

5. L'Oreal Paradise Mascara - If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen me talking about this product on my Stories. I wasn't really in need of a new mascara, but I was totally seduced by the hype and the pretty packaging, and I'm so glad I was! The length this gives your lashes is sensational, and it's pretty good on volume and separation too. I have seen mixed reviews on it, and I should probably mention that the formula is a tad on the wet side, which I think is why some people don't get on with it. However, apart from the occasional tiny dot of product ending up on my eyelid on first application, which is easy enough to wipe away, I haven't had a problem with it. If you crave length from your mascara then I highly recommend checking this out. It also contains castor seed oil to nourish and condition the lashes.

What have your favourites been this month?

Kate x
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